Working in my workroom

Since my move, I have been lucky enough to have a workroom that I can shut the door on at the end of the working day. Previously it had been a case of having to share space with my equipment and machinery. So now I have the luxury of actually being able to relax in space that is designed to be relaxed in (as shown in a previous blog) - sheer heaven!
The equipment I have though excellent and of course, necessary, isn't the most beautiful to sit and admire, so it is a treat to be able finally to put it somewhere practical and hidden!

A clever panoramic picture of my workroom, it looks a bit cramped but actually it is remarkably spacious, tho for some of the big gowns, it can be a bit tight! 

My knitting machine station,consisting of an electronic Brother 970 complete with ribber and garter carriage - perfect for all the blankets I produce. Currently working on a cardigan for my sister in law, pictures shortly! 

My sewing machine station, consisting of a Pfaff Creative Sensation electronic sewing and embroidery machine and BabyLock Ovation 8 thread overlock machine. 

This is where I produce all the wedding gowns and mother of the bride outfits (that's one there on the dress form!) Do take a look at the website, like and share and please contact me if you need a custom made to measure wedding/ball gown, Bridesmaid dress or Mother of the Bride/Groom outfit!

On that note, I better crack on with that cardigan! Till next time, take care!


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